Managerial Communication Skills

Managerial Communication Skills

Duration: 8-40 Hours

Good communication skills allow managers and leaders to perform their role more effectively.

Their role requires that they communicate. They must communicate many things to many people: they must communicate effectively to the team, to their suppliers, to their customers and financiers.

So it is important that leaders and managers are good communicators.

Communication skills for managers and leaders are different from communication skills for the average person in the street.

Key Learning Points:

  • Presentation and writing techniques to stand up in corporate world.
  • Introvert and extrovert development to think and expand globally.
  • Boost your communication and leading skills that can give you more advantages in today's age.
  • Clear instructions and tips to enhance questioning and listening skills.
  • Techniques to identify key problems and confusions during meetings.
  • Rephrase your statements that can be better received by your target audience

Set out your goals or the targets to be hit.

Communicate the plan of action that, it is hoped will describe successful action, capable of achieving the goal.

Communicate delegated actions: who is going to do which task?

Give corrective critical feedback to the people who are not performing in the proper manner and, in addition, to be able to get them to correct their performance and get "back on track".

Give praise and appreciation to those who are doing a good job.

Communicate the need for constant change, adaptation, refinement and flexibility to the conditions, whilst still remaining faithful to the overall goal and plan.