Smart Menu Bot

Order from Facebook

Smart Menu Bot

It's Personal

Favorited, Previously Ordered, Recommended by Chef, Bot, & Friends, Personalized Items

It's Intelligent

Intelligently learns & recommends items considering preferences & restrictions

For All Orders

Accept dine-in, In-line, Takeout, Delivery, Online, Preorder

Chat Buzzer

When Table is Available, Notify via Chat Message, SMS, Call, Email
Improve Efficiency

Reduce Cost

  • Reduce waiter time per order
  • Reduce in-store line
  • Manage sit-in, in-line, takeout, delivery orders
  • Change menu anytime including daily specials
  • Remove or disable "sold out" items
  • No deployment
  • No App Store approval
  • Immediately available
  • Receive order for any location of your business
  • Accept payment from messenger or POS of your choice
  • Orders available in your order management and POS system
  • Get More Orders

    Increase Revenue

    Make it fun

    Improve Customer Experience

    From Anywhere, Anytime

    Accept Orders

    From Our App or Your POS

    Manage Orders

    Our backend Order Manager helps you manage sit-in, takeout, and delivery orders as well as orders from customers waiting in-store line. This dramatically reduces the lines at the store improving customer flow, delivering to more customers, and increasing revenue.

  • Auto generate menu from various sources or manually add items
  • Accept orders from Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, WeChat, and more
  • Orders can be placed from menu or via a natural language conversation
  • Integration with POS systems such as Square, Clover, Shopify, IBM, Microsoft
  • Assign orders and tables to waiters

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