Secure, Branded, Customized

Chatbots and Intelligent Apps

Fully control message security

Secure Chatbots

Smart Facebook Message Button

Enable the Facebook Message Button to connect with your customer.
Provide rich features that can help answer questions using natural language
Provide a mini application with no install required.
Enhance conversation efficiency with

Rich Features

  • Chart and Graph Messages
  • List and Grid messages
  • Form messages
  • Radio button and checkbox messages
  • Quick action buttons
  • Carousel templates with images and buttons
  • Guided conversation, custom input choices
  • Combined guided and free conversations for maximum flexibility
  • Customized Look

    Branded Chatbots

  • Color scheme of Background
  • Font and text color aligned to brand
  • Stylized message Bubbles
  • Logo in the Background
  • Personalities
  • Aligned with Chatbot Infrastructures

    Order Bot

    Our Order Bot System allows you to accept orders from new channels such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and iMessages without any coding. Natural language interface is automatically generated based on your catalog. You can train the bot on your own to improve the responses. Our backend order manager interface allows you to manage orders for takeout as well as orders from customers waiting in-store line. This dramatically reduces the lines at the store improving customer flow, delivering to more customers, and increasing revenue.

  • Order chatbot system (no coding required)
  • Input a catalog of items (Name, Description, Images, Price)
  • Accept orders from Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, WeChat, and more
  • Orders can be placed from menu or via a natural language conversation
  • Order Manager interface to process orders

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